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  • Justin Pickens

New YouTube Channel & First Video

I made my first YouTube video on post-processing astro data in PixInsight. The data in this video was graciously provided by Lisa D. of the PixInsight For Beginners group. The video focuses on using the LRGB Combination tool to really bring out the colors and detail of the nebula. I also show how to use StarXTerminator rather than PixInsight.

Here's the end result from this video:

I am in no way an expert on PixInsight and actually pretty new to both PixInsight and astrophotography as a whole. I’m making these videos to share what I’ve learned so far and to perhaps get some feedback on things to change or improve.

Please like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell if you want to see more content as its created! Thanks, and clear skies!

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